Home Renovation – Windsor

The (very) outdated kitchen needed a total facelift. We replaced the cabinetry and counter tops, updated the appliances, laid new tile, added an island, and installed brand new ceiling and cabinet lighting. The result was a beautiful and trendy new kitchen that functioned just as great as it looked.


kitchen-before          kitchen-before-d


kitchen-after-b          kitchen-after


The main bath had the major blues. We replaced the 70s blue tile with modern black for a chic new look. Heated floors, a beautiful new sink and lighting completed the look.

Before:                                                                              During:                    

bathroom-1-before           bathroom-1-flooring


bathroom-1-after-c            bathroom-2-lights


We transformed the second bathroom from cluttered and outdated to clean and zen. Another total re-haul, we replaced the tub, toilet, and sink and got rid of the pink tile.

Before:                                                                                During:

bathroom-2-before          bathroom-2-during



The bedrooms needed new paint and the hardwood was in major need of being refinished. We redid the floors, updated the wall colours and closets, and installed soft lighting and new fans to create a more soothing ambiance for bedtime.

Before:                                                                                                             After:

bedroom-1-before-b          bedroom-1-after

Before:                                                                                                           After:

bedroom-2-before-b          bedroom-3-before-b

Before:                                                                                                              During:

hardwood-1          hardwood-3